Yellow Cellar Slug

Scientific Name: Limacus flavus

Size: 8-13cm when mature

Appearance: Almost always with base body colour yellow, with varying coverage of brown spots or blotches. Mantle typically less blotchy than rest of the body. A characteristic central pale yellow stripe can be found extending along the back to the tip of the tail. Tentacles blue-grey. Sole uniformly pale, with mucus clear or with slight yellow-orange tinge. Juveniles tend to be darker and greener than adults.

Habitat: Most commonly associated with buildings and urban environments.

Pest Status: Not a known pest of live plants; it will regularly eat mold and algae and is often found within compost heaps. It may be responsible for slug trails left within peoples homes and associated with eating pet food.

Similar Species: Often mistaken for the closely related Green Cellar Slug, Limacus maculatus; which tends to have a much darker greener overall appearance, lacks the central pale stripe and has a fatter tail with courser tubercles. Also it’s mantle is as blotchy than the rest of its body, unlike in L. flavus.