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NEW GARDEN documentary for ITV is investigating the Spanish Slug. Please report any sightings ASAP.

Welcome to SlugWatch UK.

During the 2012 growing season, slugs became one of the most widely reported pests of both comercial crops and home gardens.

Catches of between 3000-4000 per month were not uncommon in home gardens in East Anglia. Specimens collected from the infested sites were identified as Arion vulgaris, the 'Spanish slug'.

SlugWatch UK is on a mission to discover how widespread 'Spanish Slug' infestations are across the UK, giving people the opportunity to learn about different slug species, and report slug activity.

Report a Sighting

Spotted a rare slug? Or maybe a type of slug not featured on our site? Are there lots of slugs where you don't usually find them? Let us know...

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