Iberian Threeband Slug

Scientific Name: Ambigolimax valentianus

Size: 5-8cm when mature

Appearance: Colour ranges from pale cream to yellow brown, but usually always with a pinkish tinge. It can sometimes appear rather translucent. Distinct dark mantle bands are commonly present, along with high lateral bands running down the tail. Faint blotches or spots can sometimes be observed. The keel is inconspicuous. The tentacles are usually darker than body.  The sole is uniformly pale and mucus clear and watery. Juveniles tend to have more distinct banded makings.

Habitat: Commonly found in urban environments or areas of disturbed ground. Also found in woodlands under dead bark and old logs.

Pest Status: Can be a serious pest of garden plants, especially within greenhouses.

Similar Species: The lack of a central pale stripe, its pinkish tinge and large amounts of watery mucus separate this species from Lehmannia marginata. This species is most similar to Ambigolimax nyctelius however markings are most often clearly less pronounced and more diffuse in A. valentianus; dissection is required to distinguish them with confidence.


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