Health and Safety guide for surveying slugs

If you are going to survey your garden, school grounds or local area for slugs it is important to follow a few simple steps to keep both you and the slugs happy.

When handling slugs it is important to always wash your hands afterwards because slugs can carry parasites and types of bacteria that are harmful to humans. This can also be avoided by wearing disposable rubber gloves, wearing gloves is also beneficial as some slug species produce large amounts of mucus which can be difficult to remove. Slugs can also be collected using tweezers which may help to get a closer look at certain features of the slug.

Additionally do not eat the slugs or the mucus they produce because there is a risk of serious illness or even death.

If you want to keep the slugs to observe them for a short period of time, they can be collected into a plastic container, with small holes in the lid to allow air to circulate, however do not make these holes too big as the slugs may squeeze out (See our amazing guide to creating your own slug trap). Line the container with a damp piece of kitchen roll to stop the slugs from drying out and feed the slugs with cabbage or salad leaves. When you wish to return the slugs to their natural habitat put them back where you found them.