Creating your own slug trap

If you want to try and catch some slugs to identify and report them there is a simple slug trap that you can make.

This slug trap is designed to allow the slugs in but not out and will not harm the slugs in any way.

The slug trap should also not attract other animals so when you check your trap you should only find slugs but maybe the occasional snail.


It is also very easy to make out of everyday household items and won’t take very long to put together.

1. Find an old plastic coffee cup or yoghurt pot that comes with a lid, or a potato salad or coleslaw tub as shown in the images.

2. Cut an asterisk shape on the lid at least an inch in diameter.

3. Push the spikes inward so the slugs can climb in but not out.

4. Place some bait such as dog/cat food or Ready Break mixed with skimmed milk powder, 50/50 and mix with water to a thick consistency.

5. Place the bait in the bottom of the cup/pot and place somewhere in your garden, school grounds or local area and the slugs will come to you.